• Your #1 LED Video Wall Manufacturers & Supplier In China-Fursol

    Fursol with more years experience on led video wall custom, Such as the 3D hologram led video wall custom, indoor or outdoor full color led video wall, etc. Fursol led video wall are used for commercial advertising,

    mobile media, night club, entertainment events, business establishments, exhibitions. Fursol led video wall can install in the banks, stock exchange centers, bus stations, schools, telecommunications, customs, stadiums, studio, shopping, malls, railways, airports, harbors, chain-stores, etc.


  • 3D Hologram Led Video Wall

    In this, Fursol would like to recommend the black technology of creating 3D hologram led video wall.3D hologram led video wall which we call it Eye-catching artifact. it would bring more visitor flow and sales for the enterprise.


    FURSOL's 3D hologram led video wall has been served for Over 500 projects in the global market.

    12pcs* F-Z4 70cm splicing led video wall, custom 3D Hologram LED video Wall

    Flexible LED Video Wall

    This kind of splicing hologram video wall with a flexible frame, so as the 3D Hologram LED video Wall could install or display anywhere or any place.

  • Do you want to set up a flexible Led video wall or holo walls? Let us know now. Fursol will make solutions as per led display size and installation environment request.

    FURSOL is a leading outdoor-indoor led display manufacturers in China, also we could provide indoor and outdoor LCD advertising displays. we would provide a variety of led displays or LCD display devices, Such as an LED video wall, 3d hologram fan display, holo display, led hologram fan, led hologram display, 3d hologram projector fan, 3D hologram projector, and gobo logo projector, etc.

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